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The Light That Elongated The Day
Mixed Media Installation, Print, Class, and Book

This project was created for the The Museum of Capitalism, a project curated by FICTILIS that envisioned a world without capitalism by reflecting on it as an era passed.

It included a site specific installation and takeaway print that referred to the existing light fixtures in the museum. The project also branched off into a free six-week class open to the public. The class explored the end of darkness, the elongation of the day, 24-7 culture, preppers, and more. These themes, when considered in the context of a museum that memorializes the era of capitalism, suggest that the ubiquitousness of light and of the grid has many parallels to the economic system of capitalism.

The class created a 95-page, black and white, blue-matte covered book, which included documentation of what was explored and created in the class, alongside contributions from each participant. The book was printed by Irrelevant Press and is available as a PDF here