The Lights That See Us
Offset print on newsprint
Unlimited Edition

Motion sensor lighting can quickly symbolize security, surveillance, and can act as a proxy for human presence. Increasingly, motion sensor and networked camera lights are pervasive and a growing component of Internet of Things technology. These devices are reliant on hardware and networked infrastructure, while also reading, sensing, and seeing in open space. The edges of these devices and where their boundaries lie, are often invisible. It is only when you step into their range of sensing and seeing to activate these lights that you understand that you are in a networked system’s particular infrastructure of open space.

The variety of lamps currently available are vast in number and vary in scale, design, and level of function. Lights That See Us is an unlimited edition print catalog that takes the form of retail newsprint circulars to provide a guide to currently available “smart” lights, lamps, and bulbs.